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All orders are gifts wrapped in signature packaging — made from recycled materials and fully recyclable.


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KVRT STVFF has been pushing boundaries since 2018, inspired by and designed for anyone who feels confident in their own skin.

Redefining sexiness. Fuelled by minimalistic and timeless aesthetics, the designs of KVRT STVFF embody boldness and strength. Revisiting the past but always looking for what is coming tomorrow, our pieces are made as a reinterpretation of vintage and classic imagery and infused with technical details enhancing the counterpose between the past and the future to create the contemporary.

Pride in confidence. Designed for people who are not ashamed of their body, regardless of their physical appearance, KVRT STVFF remains first and foremost an attitude of confidence. Infusing empowerment into every design, proportions and shapes are always aligned with this philosophy.

High-end. Everything is designed and prototyped in house at the KVRT STVFF STVDIO in barcelona and carefully made ensuring luxury-levels of quality and standard.

Contemporary thought, future vision. KVRT STVFF does not define itself as a sustainable brand because sustainability is inherently integrated into our vision for both our present and the future. Just as our designs are contemporary and always looking ahead, our present is intrinsically sustainable, equitable and ethical, because that’s our future vision.