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All orders are gifts wrapped in signature packaging — made from recycled materials and fully recyclable.


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Sustainability for KVRT STVFF means creating high-end items that our customers value and can enjoy for a long time.

We want to be proud of our products − how they look, their quality and how they are made and used.

Our goal is to create a business that is restorative and regenerative by design, striving to incorporate as many circular materials as possible into our collections. We carefully select the raw materials we use for our products. Each material in our collection has specific characteristics and is chosen based on the desired look and performance. We are consistently increasing the share of recycled fibers in our collections.

We use Econyl® or recycled nylon in all our swimwear and KVRT underwear collection. Econyl®’s cutting-edge technology turns nylon waste into high-end nylon yarn, that offers the same quality as virgin nylon. It can then be recycled infinitely making it a truly circular material. Econyl® is made of recycled and regenerated materials like industrial plastic, waste fabrics and fishing nets from the oceans. It even is Oeko-tex® certified, which ensures that no hazardous chemicals are used in dyeing the fabric. 

We use recycled polyester made out of recycled plastic water bottles instead of virgin polyester whenever possible. Recycled polyester consumes 90% less water than virgin polyester and has a 75% lower carbon footprint. Our Performance collection is crafted with recycled polyester.

We are increasing our use of organic materials as part of our ambitions to build a more sustainable future. We use organic cotton to create products in a way that enriches the environment and improves conditions for farmers. Organic cotton eliminates the use of toxic and persistent chemicals, improves soil health and increases water conservation. Organic cotton farming also supports biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, and helps to mitigate climate change by increasing the ability of soils to sequester carbon. We use organic cotton across all of our chad ribbed collection.

We design collections that are built to last and we want to enable our customers to take care of their garments to maintain the quality. A simple way to extend the life of your garments is to wash them by hand or on shorter cycles with cold water, and hang dry instead of tumble dry. It’s better for the environment and for your clothes. The energy and water used for home washing and tumble drying represents a big share of the environmental impact of garments. 

KVRT STVFF packaging reflects our sustainability goals. We want our packaging to be as sustainable as our collections. We only use plastic when strictly necessary – and this is reusable, recycled and compostable.

If you are finished with your clothing or accessories, we recommend recycling them, so that someone else can enjoy them, or a textile recycler can use the material to benefit other industries and close the loop.